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La Cantina

L A . C A N T I N A

In 2018 Santiago de Cuba company launched ‘La Cantina’, a Cuban inspired bar. La Cantina is located on the second floor of Santiago de Cuba. Since the opening of Santiago de Cuba, the bar on the second floor is the place where people retreat to socialize, talk, dance and have a casual fun time in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Having Caribbean roots ourself, rum is often our mind of choice. There are few rules for rum that means that there is a wide variety of styles to try. We have many different rums and rum-based drinks to choose from. La Cantina’s menu combines unique signatures and traditional cocktails.

We are currently working on the expansion of La Cantina with an exclusive Latin cuisine. Where our visitors can enjoy traditional Latin and Caribbean dishes in addition to a delicious cocktail.

La Cantina
La Cantina
La Cantina
La Cantina

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