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Breeze Latin Fest

Breeze Latin Fest

After a series of successful and sold out editions of Salsa Breeze we have decided to take Salsa Breeze to another level and develop our Breeze Festival outdoor brand.

The first edition of Breeze Festival took place om May 23rd 2015. During Breeze Festival we wanted to create an environment where our visitors can experience the Latin & Caribbean lifestyle outdoors with a tropical beach area, Latin food trucks, Latin entertainment, tropical décor elements.

A festivals where visitors have the feeling that they are at a Caribbean on Latin American holiday destination.


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Breeze Latin Fest
Breeze Latin Fest
Breeze Latin Fest
Breeze Latin Fest

More information

Website: www.salsabreeze.nl
Facebook: @Salsabreeze
Instagram: @Salsabreeze

Aftermovie - Indoor Edition 09.02.20

Aftermovie - Outdoor edition 23.06.19

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